Warranty Claim Form Instructions

Warranty Claim Policy

At Xcel we pride ourselves on the highest quality construction and fit. The following warranties apply per product category, under normal recreational use and proper care, on materials and workmanship from the original purchase date:

Wetsuits: 1 YEAR from original purchase date.

UV, Accessories, Apparel: 3 MONTHS from original purchase date.

Xcel is the only party authorized to determine warranty eligibility. Submitting a warranty claim does not guarantee repair or replacement. Product sent to us for warranty will be evaluated for repair (or replacement) at Xcel's sole discretion.

If you purchased your product outside of the United States, please contact your local distributor listed on the FAQ page of xcelwetsuits.com.

The following circumstances will not be covered under warranty:

  • Repairs or alterations to any area of the product done or attempted by anyone other than an authorized Xcel repair facility.
  • Products classified as seconds, samples, or used.
  • Damage from sunlight, chlorine, improper recreational use or care, or any damage beyond the product's natural life expectancy.(A wetsuit's natural life expectancy is 3 years.)
  • UV, Accessories, and/or Apparel products over 3 months from original purchase date.


To submit your Xcel warranty claim, please:

  1. Complete the below form, making sure all required fields are carefully and accurately completed.
  2. Click "Submit," which will generate your Warranty Claim Number and Receipt.
  3. Follow the final instructions on that page to complete your warranty claim.
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